Eoin Lyness is an Irish sound artist from Banbridge, County Down. Beginning with producing DAW-composed experimental electronica as a side project while playing bass in Home Media, his sound has ventured ever further into the left-field since 2017, which has seen yearly albums each more abstract than the last. With 2019’s Headspace and 2020’s Automata, Lyness’ sound has come into its own through a new approach of building soundscapes almost exclusively from manipulated field recordings, abandoning wherever possible any conventional techniques in contemporary music production.

Inspired greatly by the spontaneity and unpredictability of abstract expressionist art as well as the 2000’s laptop ambient scene with artists like Tim Hecker and Fennesz, Lyness seeks to explore music as pure art form rather than entertainment, creating vast sound paintings to evoke a variety of different moods and imagery, each with many layers to be uncovered below the surface.